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Tuolumne County Building and Safety Division
Inspections and Results
Permit No. B2015-00813 Permit Type   COMM REPAIRALT Site Address   19551 HESS AVE
Applied   07/24/2015 Applicant   RAMESH PITAMBER
Approved   10/10/2016 Owner   MOUNTAIN INVESTMENTS LLC,
Issued   10/11/2016 Contractor  
Parent Permit No.   Description   NEW ELEVATOR FOR BW PLUS SONORA OAKS
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 03/12/2021SHEAR/BRACINGDan CoughlinCANCELLEDSee Notes(3/12/2021 8:57 AM DANC) $564 renewal fee due per Building Official (4x $103.25 plus $151 base fee) prior to inspection.

 07/15/2021FRAMEDan CoughlinCORRECTIONS909-238-3939(7/15/2021 10:42 AM DANC) 1. Install Type X drywall directly to outside of studs under OSB shear or have engineer of record provide detail clearly indicating drywall over OSB sheathing on exterior of structure. 2. Install pressure treated 4x8's between shaft and motel exterior per detail F/A3 or have engineer clearly call out alternative. 3. Rough electric for outlet and light circuits okay with exceptions: sub panel not inspected at this time, and smoke/fire alarm system not complete. 4. Have all ADA elements in line with approved plans by final.

 07/22/2021ROUGH ELECRick BarrieauAPPROVED& INSULATION 909-837-8787(7/23/2021 7:11 AM RB) The fire alarm system is going to be installed later and surface mounted to be readily accessible and visual. Frame and fire wall ok.

 08/12/2021SHEETROCK NAILRick BarrieauAPPROVED909-238-3939

 01/02/2019FOUNDATIONDan CoughlinAPPROVED W/COND(1/2/2019 2:46 PM DANC) 1. Approved plan on site and elevator pit walls and equipment room slab okay to pour. 2. Setbacks okay. 3. No permit on site.

 01/21/2020SHEAR/BRACINGDan CoughlinAPPROVED W/CONDR &RoofSheathing(1/21/2020 12:29 PM DANC) 1. Have all ADA elements in line with approved plans by final. 2. Roof nail and shear okay to cover. 3. Install HRC 22's and HCP 2's per roof framing plan, sheet A-3 at lower roof.

 03/17/2021ROUGH ELECRick BarrieauCORRECTIONS& Panel 533-4400(3/18/2021 7:51 AM RB) Roof and Shear R-elec 1) Detail S-3 on pg A-3 calls for 5/8 type X gypsum against exterior stud, before sheathing. 2) Detail MA-3 shows 4x10 tie backs into existing building and specific fastening at the balcony floor. These items are not in place. 3) Install metal roof cap and get weather tight. See detail D A-3. 4) The clips required from the last roof and shear inspection are not in place. See roof details at page A-3. Clips-HCP2. 5) Please have engineer address items above. ROUGH ELECTRICAL NOT READY

 12/21/2018FOUNDATIONDan CoughlinCORRECTIONS(12/21/2018 10:42 AM DANC) 1. Elevator pit slab only okay to pour at own risk. Observed #5 rebar at 12 inches on center each way in 12 inch slab with sump pit. 2. Have County approved plans on site at next inspection.