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Tuolumne County Building and Safety Division
Inspections and Results
Permit No. B2019-00103 Permit Type   NEW SFD Site Address   20130 FERRET COURT
Applied   01/23/2019 Applicant   FISCHER CONSTRUCTION
Approved   Owner   ZAWODNY, JEREMY
Issued   10/01/2019 Contractor   FISCHER CONSTRUCTION
Parent Permit No.   Description   NEW 4,050 SQ. FT. SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 08/11/2020Sprinkler - HydroLonnie McCartyAPPROVEDFire sprinkler only: no frame drc

 06/23/2020ROOF SHEATHINGLonnie McCartyCORRECTIONSSHEAR(6/23/2020 4:37 PM LM) Roof and Shear 1. Provide blocking at top & bottom of floor truss @ bearing location. Wall line 3. 2. Complete shear transfer @ wall line 2. 3. Tighten all anchor bolts. 4. Block panel edges on D wall. Wall line E. 5. Add anchor bolt in garage @ end of wall line1. 6. Block panel edges @ L wall. Wall line 5. 7. Provide 3" nailing on 6X @ panel edge on line 5. 8. Provide 3" nailing on wall line 3. 9. Add missing A35's on out riggers wall line 3 in garage. 10. Pop all shiners in roof and walls and renail. OK to cover roof (9/17/2020 7:36 AM LM) Roof nail ok

 06/25/2020SHEAR/BRACINGLonnie McCartyAPPROVED

 08/27/2020PIERSRick BarrieauCORRECTIONS(8/27/2020 10:46 AM RB) 1) Engineers detail calls for a minimum of 3 inch clearance around the column cages. Currently, some steel is touching dirt and some 1/2 inch to 1 inch away. Please fix and recall.

 09/10/2020FRAMELonnie McCartyDENIED(9/10/2020 2:19 PM LM) building is not weather tight.

 09/16/2020FRAMERick BarrieauCORRECTIONS(9/16/2020 11:48 AM RB) 1) Complete mechanical install throughout, including all flu pipes for fireplaces. 2) Top step of the main floor giving access to the lower floor exceeds max 7.75 inches rise. 3) Kitchen sinks need receptacle outlets within 24 inches of the sinks. Due to construction limitations you may want to apply for a code modification through our office. 4) Draft stop soffit at lower floor every 10 ft throughout. 5) Main panel-land wires and phase tape wires.

 09/17/2020STUCCO LATHRick BarrieauAPPROVED

 09/24/2020INSULATION WALLSLonnie McCartyCORRECTIONSINSULATION(9/24/2020 2:28 PM LM) 1. Items 2 & 3 from previous correction notice still need to be addressed. Per phone conversation with QII inspector, QII inspection OK. Ok to proceed with sheetrock.

 10/06/2020SHEETROCK NAILLonnie McCartyAPPROVEDLOWER FLOOR(10/6/2020 3:28 PM LM) Lower floor only, will pay for 1 more sheetrock nail inspection.

 02/21/2020COMPACTIONLonnie McCartyAPPROVED

 02/21/2020SLABSLonnie McCartyAPPROVED

 08/28/2020PIERSRick BarrieauAPPROVED

 10/06/2020FRAMELonnie McCartyAPPROVED(10/6/2020 3:27 PM LM) Frame electrical plumbing insulation OK


 12/09/2019FOUNDATIONDan CoughlinAPPROVED W/COND(12/9/2019 10:35 AM DANC) Perimeter footings and stemwalls approved including setbacks.

 02/06/2020CONCRETE WALLLonnie McCartyAPPROVED(2/6/2020 1:52 PM LM) 8' high to 2' retaining wall @ driveway.

 02/21/2020PIERSLonnie McCartyAPPROVED& Slab(2/21/2020 2:16 PM LM) Garage footings & piers. Footings & piers on wall line 4.

 03/13/2020UNDERFLOOR FRAMINGLonnie McCartyAPPROVED(3/13/2020 12:51 PM LM) Underfloor framing from wall lines 2-3 & B-F.


 08/04/2020PIERSLonnie McCartyCANCELLED(8/4/2020 11:20 AM LM) no inspection, steel not set.