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Tuolumne County Building and Safety Division
Inspections and Results
Permit No. B2019-00292 Permit Type   NEW SFD Site Address   19294 OAK GROVE CIRCLE CIR
Applied   03/06/2019 Applicant   KHUBIAR, BENJAMIN
Approved   05/23/2019 Owner   KHUBIAR, BENJAMIN
Issued   05/24/2019 Contractor   BABYLON BUILDERS
Parent Permit No.   Description   NEW SFD WITH GARAGE
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 08/21/2019FOUNDATIONLonnie McCartyAPPROVEDPM 872-9596(8/21/2019 4:03 PM LM) Setbacks 6' both sides & 17' in the back. 4 ext & 2 int piers.

 09/03/2019PIERSLonnie McCartyAPPROVEDRolled 8/29 872-9596

 10/09/2019UNDERFLOOR FRAMINGLonnie McCartyCORRECTIONS872-9596 pls call(10/9/2019 2:55 PM LM) 1. Have approved plans on site for underfloor framing inspection. Not a complete inspection. 2. Nail A35's @ D shear wall. 3. Provide blocking through floor @ 2 piers. 4. The engineer of record will need to address the beam break that is not over a post and pier. 5. Provide galvanized nails and zinc coated hangers @ back deck. 6. Replace joist @ plumbing that is over notched. 7. Top out plumbing up to 10'. 8. Fix flat or backwards flow plumbing in 4 locations. 9. Provide 2 SDS screws 16" oc @ back deck ledger. 10. Provide the right brackets @ back deck beam breaks. 11. See detail Q/S3.1 for Simpson strong wall and anchor bolts at deck. The engineer of record will need to address the placement of the 24"X10' strong wall. Simpson shows it starting @ the foundation. 12. Someone will need to go through all the details to make sure what’s built matches the plans.

 10/16/2019UNDERFLOOR FRAMINGLonnie McCartyAPPROVED(10/16/2019 1:05 PM LM) and underfloor plumbing

 12/23/2019ROOF NAILKatelyn OgburnCORRECTIONS534-6640(12/23/2019 12:10 PM KO) DO NOT LOAD ROOF. OK to paper. 1. Revise truss plans to match as built conditions. For example: B3A truss, A3-A6, C6, and C7 do not match. Did not go through all trusses.

 01/21/2020REINSPECTIONDan CoughlinCORRECTIONSR roof nail(1/21/2020 2:14 PM DANC) 1. No persons on site. No approved plans/truss calculations on site.

 01/22/2020SHEAR/BRACINGLonnie McCartyAPPROVED(1/22/2020 12:32 PM LM) & roof corrections. Left 1 piece of shear off @ back B wall.

 02/14/2020PERMANENT POWERKatelyn OgburnCORRECTIONS(2/14/2020 2:01 PM KO) 200 Amp OH yellow tag. 1. Provide access to inside of residence to verify UFER ground connection. 2. Complete installation of breakers and label breakers. 3. Have permit on site.