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Tuolumne County Building and Safety Division
Inspections and Results
Permit No. B2019-00776 Permit Type   COMM REPAIRALT Site Address   29822 STATE HWY 108
Applied   05/30/2019 Applicant   ANDREW MEDINA
Approved   10/25/2019 Owner   COLD SPRINGS DEVELOPMENT CO,
Issued   12/02/2019 Contractor   APEX SITE SOLUTIONS INC
Parent Permit No.   Description   NEW CELL PHONE TOWER
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 07/10/2020FINALDan CoughlinCORRECTIONS(7/10/2020 1:57 PM DANC) 1. Site electric okay with condition: provide power to panel to check GFCI outlets. 2. Provide special inspection reports for concrete, high strength bolting, soils compaction and geotech approval per plan sheets MP-1, MP-5, and MP-6.1. 3. Complete install of signs per sheet GN-1. 4. Have County Environmental Health, Planning, and Fire Marshall @ 209-533-5637 approve final. NOTE: FIRE FINAL OKAY PER STEVE GREGORY.

 05/11/2021TRENCHRick BarrieauAPPROVEDAM 916-530-0465 store(5/11/2021 10:50 AM RB) directed workers to put tape in while backfilling.

 09/16/2021FINALRick BarrieauCORRECTIONSCALL 1ST 916-425-9828(9/16/2021 2:47 PM RB) Completed C/N items from Dan C. OK pending E.H. inspection and approval.

 07/29/2021PLANNING FINALNatalie RizziAPPROVED

 05/11/2021TEMP POWERRick BarrieauCORRECTIONS(5/11/2021 10:49 AM RB) 1) Another ground rod is required or, prove 25 ohms or less on single rod. Supplemental rod needs to be 6ft away. Assure conductor to acorn connection is crimping all of the stranded grounding conductor. 2) Provide pictures of pedestal piers steel prior to being poured. already poured.

 03/06/2020FOOTING AND FORMSDan CoughlinAPPROVED W/CONDAM(3/6/2020 11:39 AM DANC) 1. Setbacks okay. 2. Special inspection reports to follow.

 04/08/2020UNDERGRD ELECT.Dan CoughlinCANCELLED916-410-2848(4/8/2020 1:47 PM DANC) Cancelled on site: PG & E ditch

 04/14/2020PERMANENT POWERDan CoughlinAPPROVED916-410-2848(4/14/2020 12:59 PM DANC) 200amp underground.

 04/29/2020FOUNDATIONDan CoughlinAPPROVED W/COND916-960-9865(4/29/2020 2:14 PM DANC) 1. Generator pad okay to pour. 2. Cabinet pad okay to pour with copper UFER at footing. Special inspection report for concrete to follow.

 05/04/2020OTHERDan CoughlinAPPROVEDGround Halo AM 916-960-9865(5/4/2020 1:49 PM DANC) Ground halo okay to cover

 07/30/2021MISCDan CoughlinCORRECTIONS(7/30/2021 10:04 AM DANC) Request for final inspection cancelled by phone with Arron @916-995-9522; Need Nadine final approval from Environmentsl Health for storage of hazardous liquid re greater than 55 gallons diesel fuel on site. Need Planning to okay final (Natalia Rissi). Need Buildng Inspector to verify location of generator per site plan plus haz mat signage plus extinguisher per Fire Marshall.