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Tuolumne County Building and Safety Division
Inspections and Results
Permit No. B2019-02170 Permit Type   MOBILEHOME Site Address   20345 BUCKEYE MINE RD
SONORA, CA 95370
Applied   11/22/2019 Applicant   S J N CONSTRUCTION
Approved   01/10/2020 Owner   PICCOLOTTI, DOUGLAS CHARLES
Issued   01/13/2020 Contractor   S J N CONSTRUCTION
Parent Permit No.   Description   REPLACEMENT MFG. HOME PERM. FOUNDATION
  Notes   (2/24/2020 10:26 AM tm) DECK
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 02/24/2020FRAMELonnie McCartyAPPROVED(2/25/2020 7:32 AM LM) Verified attachment of build walls to unit. see pictures attached.

 01/22/2020FOUNDATIONKatelyn OgburnAPPROVED(1/22/2020 9:42 AM KO) footings, piers, setbacks #4 UFER

 01/28/2020OTHERKatelyn OgburnAPPROVED(1/28/2020 2:42 PM KO) Block wall on rear and 1/2 of left side.

 02/14/2020OTHERKatelyn OgburnAPPROVEDR Lag Bolts-roof LM 770-3160(2/14/2020 11:21 AM KO) Lag bolts on roof.

 02/19/2020MASONRY BLK WALLKatelyn OgburnAPPROVEDBlock(2/19/2020 2:02 PM KO) Block wall, marriage line, Setup, HVAC crossover, bond.

 02/28/2020UTILITIESDan CoughlinAPPROVEDLate AM(2/28/2020 9:28 AM DANC) Underground sewer, water, electric, ext. gas okay to cover.