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Tuolumne County Building and Safety Division
Inspections and Results
Permit No. B2019-02357 Permit Type   NEW SFD Site Address   23055 COLUMBIA VISTA DR
Applied   12/20/2019 Applicant   CORNERSTONE CONSTRUCTION
Approved   05/26/2021 Owner   MANGRUM, SANDRA
Issued   06/21/2021 Contractor   CORNERSTONE CONSTRUCTION
Parent Permit No.   Description   SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 08/05/2021FOOTING AND FORMSLonnie McCartyAPPROVED352-3354(8/5/2021 10:05 AM LM) footings for retaining wall. driveway 22% @ paved area and less than 22% @ dirt area.


 08/16/2021SEWER CONNECTIONRick BarrieauAPPROVED352-3354 off yankee hill(8/16/2021 11:45 AM RB) Received pictures of sewer, test ok

 09/16/2021MASONRY BLK WALLLonnie McCartyAPPROVEDRETAINING WALL 352-3354(9/16/2021 9:36 AM LM) 2nd lift of retaining wall ok

 01/03/2022SHEAR/BRACINGLonnie McCartyAPPROVED W/COND(1/3/2022 10:21 AM LM) Shear nailng behind deck ledger on J walls on wall line A, H walls on wall line 1, and straps between floor.

 01/14/2022GAS TEST EXTKatelyn OgburnAPPROVEDtrench 352-3354

 02/08/2022ROOF SHEATHINGLonnie McCartyAPPROVED(2/8/2022 9:43 AM LM) Roof and shear ok

 08/11/2021UNDERGRD ELECT.Lonnie McCartyAPPROVED

 08/26/2021MASONRY BLK WALLLonnie McCartyAPPROVED(8/26/2021 10:32 AM LM) 1st lift retaining wall.

 01/24/2022ROOF SHEATHINGLonnie McCartyCORRECTIONS(1/24/2022 11:22 AM LM) Roof and Shear nail 1. Add missing MSTC 60 @ wall line 3, circled on plans. 2. Add missing ST6236 in 2 locations @ wall lines A-2&3. 3. Have approved Roof and Floor calcs on site for inspection. 4. Add missing 3"X3" plate washers. 5. Place F1 strap @ end of shear wall panel wall line 2 or have engineer address new length of shear panel. 6. Provide 20D's for the attachment of H shear wall sill plates. 7. Add H1 clips to trusses @ front porch. 8. Engineer to address the location of straps on roof in 4 locations, circled on plans. 9. Provide ignition resistant material @ lowest portion of overhang @ gable end overhang.

 08/26/2021FOOTING AND FORMSLonnie McCartyAPPROVED W/COND&Found,Rebar 352-3354(8/26/2021 10:30 AM LM) Footings, forms, slab, ufer ok Will retro 3 HD's @ int spread footing and provide a pull test.