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Tuolumne County Building and Safety Division
Inspections and Results
Permit No. B2019-02359 Permit Type   NEW SFD Site Address   13851 HWY 120/49
Applied   12/23/2019 Applicant   RICHEY, JODI AND CRAIG
Approved   05/27/2021 Owner   RICHEY, CRAIG & RICHY, JODIE
Issued   05/27/2021 Contractor  
Parent Permit No.   Description   SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes


 01/14/2022FOOTING AND FORMSLonnie McCartyAPPROVEDrebar blk wall - code 1941# 768-6184(1/14/2022 11:46 AM LM) Setbacks and footings for retaining wall.

 01/20/2022MASONRY BLK WALLLonnie McCartyAPPROVED W/CONDRETAINING WALL(1/20/2022 12:16 PM LM) CMU block wall up to 48" ok, provide special inspection report for grout placement or letter from engineer removing that requirement.

 02/03/2022MASONRY BLK WALLLonnie McCartyAPPROVED2ND LIFT(2/3/2022 1:46 PM LM) 2nd lift masonry block wall, ok

 02/17/2022FOUNDATIONLonnie McCartyAPPROVED W/CONDCODE - 1941# 768-6184(2/17/2022 12:58 PM LM) Engineer to provide as built for retaining wall over 2' tall on wall line A. #4 ufer

 02/17/2022SLABSLonnie McCartyAPPROVED

 02/17/2022UNDERGRD PLBGLonnie McCartyAPPROVED

 05/04/2022ROOF NAILRick BarrieauCORRECTIONSsee shear cn

 05/04/2022SHEAR/BRACINGRick BarrieauCORRECTIONS(5/4/2022 10:27 AM RB) Partial inspection, Prow wall is not complete and front porch area not complete. Contractor will call later for this inspection. 1) See page 6 for horizontal floor drag straps, ST6236 straps, and nailing, tying the two back walls together. 2) See Line "B" for shearwall at the lower floor back wall buildup. 52 feet of shear at this location. 3) Install gable kickers per engineers detail and install truss braces per truss book. 4) Add HDs to lower interior "J" wall. Install strap through the floor, and get sole plate nailing above same wall. OK TO COVER WALLS.

 05/04/2022PIERSRick BarrieauAPPROVEDext piers frnt/back