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Tuolumne County Building and Safety Division
Inspections and Results
Permit No. B2020-00530 Permit Type   COMMERCIAL ADDITION Site Address   13975 MONO WY
SONORA, CA 95370
Applied   04/27/2020 Applicant   M A C T HEALTH BOARD INC,
Approved   06/19/2020 Owner   M A C T HEALTH BOARD INC,
Issued   07/29/2020 Contractor   LEE WAY CONSTRUCTION
Parent Permit No.   Description   T.I & ADDITION TO MEDICAL OFFICE
  Notes   (3/9/2021 8:37 AM JD) Adding Pharmacy
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 08/27/2020UNDERGRD PLBGRick BarrieauAPPROVED W/COND770-1931 lock box(8/27/2020 3:41 PM RB) Provide letter of approval for tying cast iron into existing ABS. Install OK

 09/01/2020UNDERGRD PLBGRick BarrieauAPPROVED770-1931

 09/04/2020FOUNDATIONDan CoughlinAPPROVEDPM- 2:00 770-1931(9/4/2020 2:19 PM DANC) Slabs/footings/piers all okay: see attached epoxy special inspection report.

 11/03/2020FRAMEDan CoughlinAPPROVED W/COND770-1931(11/3/2020 11:29 AM DANC) 1. Phase 1a walls and bathroom lids frame, elect, mech, plumbing okay. 2. Exterior and interior shear phase 1a okay.

 12/29/2020TBAR CEILINGLonnie McCartyAPPROVEDand above t-bat AM - 770-1931

 01/21/2021FINALBrian BellAPPROVED W/COND& TEMP OCC - PM(1/25/2021 12:43 PM BB) Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Granted for 10 days to remedy the following: 1. All paper towel dispensers exceed the maximum distance of 4” from the wall. Please place cane detectable projection below to allow for no more than 4” from this projection or replace with units that meet the 4” requirement. 2. The identified Van Accessible parking stall is not a compliant Van stall as currently striped. Please coordinate with the AOR and amend parking as required. 3. Place an appropriate “EXIT” sign at the wall from € Operation room 4 and from the employee side to the lobby.

 02/04/2021UNDERGRD PLBGDan CoughlinAPPROVED W/CONDAM - drain waste vent underslab mainline(2/4/2021 11:39 AM DANC) Underground/slab plumbing phase 1B okay: see plans

 02/23/2021TEMP CERT OF OCCUPDan CoughlinAPPROVED W/CONDCERT OF OCC 770-1931(2/23/2021 2:15 PM DANC) 1st phase temp. occ okay for 180 days: see Fire Marshalls corrections.

 03/05/2021FRAMERick BarrieauCORRECTIONSLATE AM ORF EARLY PM 770-1931(3/8/2021 8:15 AM RB) Phase 2 - 1) Seal all joints and holes in ductwork. 2) Support ductwork within 3ft of turns and wyes. -SMACNA. Phase 1B- 1) Add wall braces at the top of new walls. Per plan. 2) Add sill fasteners 24 o.c. 3) Front door to be moved to corner of the room to remodeled. FUTURE

 03/08/2021REINSPECTIONRick BarrieauAPPROVEDPM(3/8/2021 2:41 PM RB) Phase 1-B FEP Ok- Check the electrical rough in at the T-Bar inspection. Phase 2- FEP and sheetrock -OK. Check electrical rough in at the T-Bar inspection. the bathroom is existing and meets turning space. Bathroom to be finished later. None of the bathroom fixtures are at ADA heights currently. Front door to be changed out by final.

 03/16/2021SHEETROCK NAILRick BarrieauAPPROVED W/CONDAM (1B)?(3/16/2021 4:12 PM RB) Sheetrock ok, the bathroom is existing and meets turning space. Bathroom to be finished later. None of the bathroom fixtures are at ADA heights currently. Front door to be changed out by final.

 03/30/2021TBAR CEILINGDan CoughlinAPPROVED W/CONDT-BAR? ABOVE? AM 770-1931(3/30/2021 10:29 AM DANC) 1. T-Bar phase 2 okay. 2. Outstanding corrections to be addressed at later date: Sheetrock ok, the bathroom is existing and meets turning space. Bathroom to be finished later. None of the bathroom fixtures are at ADA heights currently. Front door to be changed out by final.

 04/09/2021TEMP CERT OF OCCUPBrian BellAPPROVED W/COND& ADA AM 770-1931(4/9/2021 8:54 AM DANC) Cancelled by phone: contractor notified Fire sign off needed prior to building inspection. (4/9/2021 2:59 PM BB) INSPECTION WAS CONDUCTED IN CONJUNCTION WITH FIRE PREVENTION. NO CORRECTIONS THIS PHASE. TEMP Cof O GOOD FOR 90 DAYS WHILE THEY WORK TO COMPLETE REMAINING PHASES

 04/28/2021TBAR CEILINGRick BarrieauCORRECTIONS& DUCTS AND LIGHTS - AM 770-1931(4/28/2021 11:33 AM RB) 1) Please confirm the county fire marshal has inspected the sprinklers. 2) Verify whether or not earthquake clips are needed at the center of each light per plan. 3) Rm 127, a heat register is missing a corner support. 4) Some rivets are missing, please confirm only 2 sides need rivet attachment.

 05/04/2021REINSPECTIONRick BarrieauAPPROVEDPHASE 1B & PHARMACY - AM 770-1931

 05/05/2021FRAMERick BarrieauCORRECTIONSAM (PHARMACY)(5/5/2021 10:55 AM RB) 1) Phase tape ground in sub panel near water heaters. 2) Support the conduit entering sub panel at the top. Add a bond jumper to nipple. 3) Ground all metal boxes with a ground whip and support metal cable within 12 inches of box throughout. 4) Add more kickers at the top of the wall, calls for kickers 30 inches on center staggered. 5) Have title 24 on site to verify R value of duct insulation. 6) 1 of P1.2 calls for wall cleanouts.

 05/11/2021REINSPECTIONDan CoughlinAPPROVEDPHARMACY 770-1931(5/11/2021 9:05 AM DANC) Corrections from 5/5/21 cured.

 05/13/2021SHEETROCK NAILRick BarrieauAPPROVEDAM @ PHARMACY 770-1931

 05/28/2021TBAR CEILINGDan CoughlinAPPROVEDPHASE 3(5/28/2021 9:59 AM DANC) PHASE 3 TBAR OKAY.

 06/07/2021TBAR CEILINGDan CoughlinAPPROVED W/COND& HVAC - AM 770-1931(6/7/2021 10:34 AM DANC) @ pharmacy okay.

 06/11/2021TEMP CERT OF OCCUPRick BarrieauCORRECTIONSphase3/phase 1B - AM 770-1931(6/11/2021 11:26 AM RB) Temp C/O-45 days/ All buildings except for pharmacy. 1) Udjust braille signs adjacent to doors to 9 inches off door edge. 2) Provide forms: Air balance, waste management, Title 24 compliance forms. 3) Have fire marshal do a final inspection.

 07/30/2021FINALRick BarrieauCORRECTIONS& COO - AM 770-1931(7/30/2021 1:45 PM RB) 1) Per detail on page A-105, the pull side of the interior door between the waiting room and the work area needs a clearance of 18 inches between jamb and service shelf. 2) Per detail on page A-403, the work area counter is to have 3 accessible knee clearances in cabinetry for wheelchairs. There are currently none. Please install per plan or get written approval from architect and the building official for eliminating items. Will check slopes on parking and path of travel later.

 08/24/2021FINALRick BarrieauAPPROVED& C OF O - AM

 01/21/2021TEMP CERT OF OCCUPSteve GregoryAPPROVED W/CONDSee notes-Phase 1(1/21/2021 12:15 PM SG) Add exit sign in location noted. Provide fire alarm plans asap. System will need to be in prior to final.

 04/09/2021TEMP CERT OF OCCUPSteve GregoryAPPROVEDPhase 2 ok

 07/28/2021FINALSteve GregoryAPPROVEDPharmacy

 11/09/2020INSULATION WALLSRick BarrieauAPPROVEDAM 770-1931