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Tuolumne County Building and Safety Division
Inspections and Results
Permit No. B2020-00675 Permit Type   ACCESSORY Site Address   20280 PINE MOUNTAIN DR
Applied   05/20/2020 Applicant   FRANKLIN BUILDERS
Approved   07/25/2020 Owner   NICHOLSON, BURKE TR
Issued   07/27/2020 Contractor   FRANKLIN BUILDERS
Parent Permit No.   Description   DETACHED GARAGE
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 01/11/2021FOUNDATIONKatelyn OgburnAPPROVED(1/11/2021 11:36 AM KO) & setbacks

 03/12/2021ROOF NAILLonnie McCartyAPPROVED W/COND(3/12/2021 11:34 AM KO) 1. Add 1 Tighten at plate break at rear of garage. 2. Complete truss bracing at Gable ends and above boxed out trusses.

 03/18/2021REINSPECTIONKatelyn OgburnAPPROVED

 07/30/2021FINALLonnie McCartyAPPROVED