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Tuolumne County Building and Safety Division
Inspections and Results
Permit No. B2020-01647 Permit Type   SOLAR Site Address   23220 GRAY RD
Applied   10/22/2020 Applicant   YBARRA, ROBERT
Approved   05/13/2021 Owner   WANAMAKER, DEBRA
Issued   05/19/2021 Contractor   BARNARD ELECTRIC
Parent Permit No.   Description   INSTALL 11.16KW GROUND MOUNT SOLAR
  Notes   (11/4/2020 9:53 AM tm) (7/1/2021 2:55 PM MC) WITH BATTERY
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 07/23/2021FOOTING AND FORMSRick BarrieauAPPROVEDPM 925-594-0282(7/23/2021 3:25 PM RB) The approved plot plan showed the array below PGE high voltage lines. Contractor moved array out from below lines, moving array forward , closer to the house. There is no easement (per owner).

 09/08/2021FINALDan CoughlinCORRECTIONS925-594-0282(9/8/2021 9:27 AM DANC) 1. Have all panels open for inspection. 2. Have as-built plans and line diagram on site for inspection (County approval of as-built revision not required). 3. Install proper sized 20 amp breaker for smaller inverter at main panel. 4. De-rate main panel breaker to 175amp from 200amp.

 09/15/2021FINALKatelyn OgburnCORRECTIONSAM 925-594-0282(9/15/2021 10:14 AM KO) From previous correction notice. 1. Have all panels/equipment open for inspection. 2. Have revised line diagram on site for inspection. If not line side tap, indicate as such. 3. Complete labeling of panels. For example, energy hub and critical loads panel Note: verified self cert form.

 09/23/2021FINALDan CoughlinAPPROVEDAM 925-594-0282